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360° healing

Deep transformation
requires a 360° approach

More than 20 years ago, when I started supporting people in their transformation and healing process, I felt something was missing. That insight determined me to start searching for that special SOMETHING that would completely change the self-discovery and healing process.  
In time, while working with my clients, I progressively integrated multiple therapeutic approaches, such as regression therapy, transactional analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, and others. 

I soon realized that even they were not enough in order to generate profound transformations, and that is because we are more than our bodies, thoughts and emotions.

So I kept looking – both within me and in the outside world – for answers. I soon understood that real healing requires the integration of the entire human experience in the therapeutic process. 

In other words, to understand and discover (yourself) at a deeper level, you need a holistic approach.​

That is why I dedicated myself to research and developed a unique approach that reflects our complex need for healing – not just the mind and body – but rather a reintegration on a soul and energetic level:
the 360° therapy.

What is 360° therapy

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360° therapy is a blend of techniques that I developed and perfected through my work, an approach that delivered fast and long-term results in my clients’ deep healing process. 

360° therapy combines classic and transpersonal therapeutic approaches with astrological analysis and other practices that are related to human energetics, this way generating a complete basis for diagnosis, awareness, and (re)integration for those who use it.


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Discover how 360° therapy works and the benefits it can bring you, through my short workshops, available both offline and online.

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Explore your topics through an integrated and extended program. For three days, you will be able to (re)discover how to take healthy steps into your own life, and to generate long-term results and transformations.

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Discover how you can integrate 360° therapy when it comes to your own personal development, as well as in your professional practice, in order to get faster and more efficient results with your clients.

What my clients say

It’s hard to describe my experience with Matei. I attended both his astrology workshops and his retreats on personal relationships, and the „aha” moments I had were priceless.  Every time, I left with amazing insights that changed my perspective on how I am and how I choose to put myself out there in the world. They all helped me manage my life differently - and significantly better

Alin, age 37

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Te-ai abonat cu succes!


Want to find out more?

Deep healing starts with small steps. I’m glad you made the first one and that you are here. If you have any questions or if you want to find out more about 360° therapy, send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Thank you for the message. I'll get back with an answer!

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