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What is 360° therapy

"We create what we are."

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More than 20 years ago, when I started supporting people in their transformation and healing process, I felt something was missing. That insight determined me to start searching for that special SOMETHING that would completely change the self-discovery and healing process.  
In time, while working with my clients, I progressively integrated multiple therapeutic approaches, from regression therapy, transactional analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, to hypnotherapy and others. 

I soon realized that even they were not enough in order to generate profound transformations, and that is because we are more than our bodies, thoughts and emotions.

So I kept looking – both within me and in the outside world – for answers. I soon understood that real healing requires the integration of the entire human experience in the therapeutic process.

In other words, to understand and discover (yourself) at a deeper level, you need a holistic approach.

That is why I dedicated myself to research and developed a unique approach that reflects our complex need for healing – not just the mind and body – but rather a reintegration on a soul and energetic level: the 360° therapy.

I began my study and practice on astrology back in 1994 and I noticed how natal charts can be a useful tool when combined with therapy. Astrology helps us identify our action patterns, our transgenerational baggage, how we interact and develop relationships, as well as if the relationships we develop are healthy for us or not.

Combined natal charts can offer us essential information, such as the couple’s mission and the manners in which we can bring harmony to our innate tendencies so that we can be better - within and outside of us. 

By integrating the analysis of thousands of natal charts into my practice, I generated important “aha” moments for my clients, in a shorter period of time. 

In time, I started adding new techniques to my practice, such as energetic practices from Chinese, Maya and Incas metaphysics. Afterward, I began teaching them as experiential classes, starting in 2016. 

The energetic practice is an essential gate towards physical and emotional healing, creating a proper context to be more in touch with your body and with the signals that it sends you. After all, we are all energy, and any type of imbalance generates progressive negative effects – from persistent thoughts that harm us, to emotional suffering and, in the end (if we ignore all signals), to physical disease. 

The 360° approach aims to create a full picture that goes beyond the contextual challenges which lead to the decision to try therapy. Its purpose is to assist you in having a clearer image over the things that impact your present and to tap into the resources that support your healing on a deeper level.  

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