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What happens at the first one-on-one therapy session?

The first stage involves setting up a 45-minute meeting, during which we get to know each other, we evaluate the current situation, we establish the therapy objectives and the options for action.

Based on this discussion, we will decide together whether the analysis and therapy tools I offer through the 360° therapy are right for you.
Afterwards, we will establish an action plan, and in which we will meet to explore the established themes.

How do one-on-one therapy sessions work?

Meetings will be held online, via Zoom, and the meeting link will be sent before the start, by email.

I encourage my clients to find an optimal space for the therapy session, namely one where there is a good signal (5G) and no distractions (noise, people passing by, etc.) Otherwise, there is a possibility that the session will be cancelled.

Furthermore, we will work in  45 minutes sessions, to which we can add (if we agree that they are necessary):
2-hour regression therapy sessions (one session every 6 weeks). These are intended to work on the causes of emotional and physical suffering - thus, we carry out interventions in depth.
2-hour hypnotherapy sessions (one session every 6 weeks). They are intended for the accelerated support of the pursued behavioral changes.

The 2-hour sessions will be held exclusively between 10:30 and 12:30.

Are individual therapy sessions combined with astrology and other practices, or are they treated in separate sessions?
I use a significant number of discovery and self-discovery tools, as well as therapeutic intervention tools.
They are used according to the intervention needs - we  combine those tools that make sense and have proven effective on the chosen topic, while keeping the separation between domains for maximum clarity and efficiency.
The 2-hour sessions will be held exclusively between 10:30 and 12:30.



How is an astrological analysis session conducted?

The meeting will be held online, via Zoom, and the meeting link being sent before the start, by email. During the session, I will use several types of analysis and astrological tools, while also adding the therapeutic perspective, so that you get a complete answer to your questions.

For the most effective analysis, I recommend addressing no more than two topics or questions, and if there is time left in the meeting, we can also allocate time for additional questions.

What types of astrological analysis I use:

  • birth chart analysis;

  • karma analysis on the birthchart - long-term evolution;

  • couple relationship analysis: analysis and optimization;

  • business/mentoring relationship analysis;

  • financial analysis - birth potential, development directions, risks, opportunities;

  • analysis of the annual solar revolution (forecast analysis);

  • analysis of fast and slow transits on the natal theme (predictive analysis);

  • analysis of coordinates related to health and physical recovery;

  • analysis of coordinates related to professional vocation;

  • analysis of the coordinates related to the personal mission;

  • analysis of the coordinates related to the life lesson;

  • analysis of the coordinates related to your personal mission in this lifetime;

  • analysis of the impact of the conjunction Jupiter - Saturn (21.12.2020) for the next 20 years in your personal and professional life - what needs to be done to use this potential;

  • analysis of the impact of the Pluto - Saturn conjunction in 2020: manifesting in the next 33 years in your personal and professional life - how this potential can be used.

  • selecting the optimal location for the next birthday anniversary (solar revolution relocation) depending on the goals pursued (health, relationships, prosperity);

  • relocation analysis (moving to another city, to another country) with the analysis of the effects of relocation and the beneficial date for the move;

  • purchasing a property and moving into a new house;

  • starting work at a new job;

  • shareholder compatibility - company/CEO/COO;

  • astrological analysis for planning professional activities.

What information is needed in order to schedule an astrological analysis session?
The data required for astrological analysis will be retrieved during the scheduled session.
Until then, I invite you to check, as much as possible: the date, time and place of your birth, as well as those targeted in the astrological analysis (partner/possible partner, parent, child, hierarchical superior, business partner).


What is Qi Men Dun Jia and how is it integrated into the practice of 360° therapy?

Qi Men Dun Jia is an ancient part of Chinese metaphysics, started more than 3000 years ago, the approximate translation of the term being "mysterious gates that hide the general".
The name refers to the fact that in the past, the wisdom behind this practice was used in devising optimal strategies to win wars.
Nowadays, however, Qi Men Dun Jia is used for more peaceful purposes. Specifically, it has become a useful tool in destiny analysis, in feng shui, and is used to identify areas with energy blockages in a home.
How I integrate all of this into my practice: In addition to the above, Qi Men Dun Jia also involves being able to work energetically to support a project or goal (better health, prosperity, couple relationship).
And in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to identify the personalized dates that work for these goals, but also the cardinal points that are energetically charged in the most beneficial way for your goal to come to life.
Usually, to achieve the most effective results, I combine Qi Men Dun Jia practices with information from astrology and therefore create personalized action plans, with the aim of indicating the right time and place of action for you to achieve maximum results, with minimum effort.

How are the group therapy workshops conducted?

The topics addressed in the regression therapy and hypnotherapy group are essential for a  360° approach to the causes of trauma and the resulting behaviors, being critical for a significant advance in 1:1 therapy.

The groups take place once a month, and we will work under conditions of confidentiality.
Sharing can be useful, but it is not necessary and will be done solely with the purpose of clarifying what has been experienced if needed.

Is there also the option to organize face-to-face analysis sessions at the office?

Individual work in the office is currently organized in the form of:
1. city-marathon in the office (Bucharest – 180 minutes/day)
2. country-marathon (outside the town; up to 300 minutes/day, up to 3 days).

They can be scheduled after a period of online work and are subjected to other  rates than those already mentioned on the website.

What are the costs of analysis sessions?

Depending on what is more suitable for you, you can opt for:
Individual therapy session | individual astrological analysis 45 minutes – 100 EUR
Couple therapy session | couple astrological analysis 45 min – 140 EUR
Hypnotherapy session | regression therapy 2 hours – 180 EUR


What happens if I paid for a session and can no longer attend?
This will be rescheduled at another time that is convenient for both parties involved.
Cancellation of the session can be done free of charge no later than Thursday 12:00 during the week before the session.
Cancellation of the session after 12:00 on Thursday, the week before the session, results in the retention of the full fee for the booked session. The amount will not be reallocated for a future session, audio recorded astrological analysis, or for another service, for example paying for a seminar or course.
What happens if the session is canceled for reasons beyond my control?
This meeting will be rescheduled at another time convenient for both parties involved.
What happens if I have paid for a retreat but can no longer attend?
The cancellation policy will be indicated in the description of each retreat.
Under what conditions can I transfer my access ticket to a retreat or workshop to someone else?
The participation transfer policy will be indicated in the presentation of each retreat.


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